Wrought Iron Fence

Ornamental & Wrought Iron Fence Construction in Allen, Plano, Frisco, & North Dallas

Ornamental Fencing

Ornamental steel fencing or wrought iron fence is strong and can be fabricated in many forms and styles. This type of metal fence has withstood the test of time as far as reliability, usability, and style. If you are looking for a fence that is strong, beautiful, and long-lasting then an ornamental steel fence or wrought iron fence is a very good choice. Ornamental fence can be either galvanized steel, non-galvanized steel, aluminum, or actual wrought iron (rare). Be sure you ask for the material that best fits your needs for your ornamental fence application.

Custom Gates and Operators

We understand that your home or business location is a source of pride for most home or business owners. No matter whether you have a residential or commercial application for a custom wood or metal gate (wrought iron, chain link, farm & ranch, etc.) many factors will determine the gate that you have in mind. We can build wood gates, swing gates for rural applications such as farms or ranches, or provide gates to provide security and access control. We can build or install sliding chain link or ornamental gates, lift gates, or swinging gates. If you have the need for access control we can install operators to open the gates as you drive up and use a keypad or telephone access. There are many options for access control please contact us for your specific application.

Why Ornamental Steel Fencing

far a metal to be used for an ornamental fence or gate you will need to determine the primary goals and needs for the fence or gate. Is this fence/gate going to be in an area where people, animals, or an occasional falling limb from a tree may be on the fence or gate? If so, then strength is an important factor to consider. Are you in an area that can cause rust to exposed metals such as near a coastline? If so, an aluminum fence or galvanized steel fence may be a wise choice. Other factors to consider is serviceability and cost. Is the fence material easy to acquire and repair or does it require to be special ordered or a special skill-set to be repaired. In the case of availability true wrought iron will be expensive and hard to acquire but can repaired with typical welding skills. Aluminum is also easy to acquire but does require a little more skill to weld so it may be difficult to find someone qualified to make repairs in the future. We typically suggest galvanized steel fencing for protection against rust, strength, ease of repair, and availability. There are also many fencing professionals who are trained in working with this type of ornamental fence material. These and other reasons are why we suggest ornamental galvanized steel fencing for your ornamental fence and gates.
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