Metal Roofing

We can consult with you about installing, repairing, or upgrading to a metal roof.

Metal Roof Installation

if you have a construction project that has a roofing component and you would like that roof to be metal but lack the expertise or desire to build the roof you can look toward Xpert Exteriors to install your metal roof. We often help smaller contractors and DIY home owners complete their project by framing and installing metal roofs. We have the expertise with standing seam metal roofing, r-panel, u-panel, corrugated panel, ap panel, cf panel, and metal shake roof covering. Call us at the phone number on this page or use the form to request one of our professional metal roof estimators to bid your project.

Metal Roof Repair

Its an unusual event that a metal roof is damaged but routine inspection and maintenance should still be performed just as with other roofing materials. Rubber roof vents, flashing, metal shakes, or metal panels could all be damaged in high winds. We often find metal roofs that have been installed by untrained personnel and we will need to correct mistakes from roofers who are not experienced installing metal roofing. If your are experiencing a leaking metal roof or your metal roof has been damaged please give us a call or contact us via the form on this page to get a free estimate on repairing your metal roof

Metal Roof Replacement

If you are replacing your current roof whether it be an asphalt shingle roof, tile roof, or even a older metal roof we can install you a new modern metal roof which has many styles and colors to choose from. A metal roof can last from 30-50 years and is considered a lifetime roofing solution. We replace conventional roofs all over the DFW Metroplex with metal roofs and find that everyone is quite please with the value a metal roof provides.
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