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Fence Staining

If you would like to make your fence look great while at the same time extending its life seven to fifteen years then call us to come stain your fence. If you have a new fence built you should have it stained within the first sixty days to optimize its longevity. If you have an older wooden fence we can give you extra time before you completely have to tear down and replace the fence with our fence restoration services. We will make repairs, clean, stain, and seal your fence for less than it would to replace it. Fence restoration gives you the ability to delay the expense of new fencing.


Fence Repair

It's not uncommon for a tree limb or a bad driver to take down a section of your fencing. When an unexpected event happens to your fence its likely that it needs to be fixed fast. If you have dogs or an overly ambitious HOA member fixing your fencing could be a top priority. Gate repairs, missing or rotten wood, and broken post or the most common reasons home or business owners need to have wooden fences repaired. If you have a metal fence a sagging gate or rusty fence panels are very common also.


Fence Installation

Just about every HOA controlled community in North Dallas requires a fence of some design. Typically a wood privacy fence or wrought iron fence is called for my the neighborhood guidelines. Now if you live an area where you don't have to answer to an HOA or POA then you may be able to erect a fence design of your choosing. We can install wood fences, wrought iron, chain link, wire mesh, corral fencing, cedar split rail, and many more. Give us a call to discuss your fencing project and to get a free estimate.


Wrought Iron Fencing

If you are looking for a classic fence design that is always in style and will last for many years then ornamental fencing is for you. Wrought Iron set the standard for a classical security fence that has stood the test of time. In modern America wrought iron is less common and has been replaced with strong economically viable powdered coated galvanized steel fencing, or aluminum fencing. What ever the material for construction is, ornamental fencing and gates will look great and add value to your property.


Wrought Iron Fence Repair

Even modern steel fencing will need repairs done at some point. If you have a wrought iron, steel, or aluminum fence we can repair any unfortunate problems that may arise. We can fix bent sections of fence, correct gate slides, sagging gates, or even add puppy bars at the bottom of your fence for small dogs. There are many reasons why a fence should be repaired or replaced. What ever the reason you need to have work done to your fence or gate we can handle the task at hand. Give us a call or contact us via the form on this page and we can make things right again.



It is a real rare occasion that you find a fence without a gate. That would be like having a home with out a door. We can install standard gates or custom gates on any type of fence. We can build gates for wood, wrought iron/steel/aluminum, chain link, barb wire, and vinyl fencing. It is often that fences may combine a cedar split rail fence with a chain link gate or a wood fence with a wrought iron gate. If you are experiencing problems with your gates or gate operators we can also provide highly skilled individuals to repair a gate, replace a gate or even program or replace faulty gate operators.

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