Fence Repair

We repair fence and gates in North Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen, and more.

Wood Fence Repair

High wind, rain, and thunder storms can soften the ground with rain allowing the high winds to blow over privacy and other types of fencing. Storms can cause branches to break off and fall on the tops of fences destroying them. If you have wood post they could be rotten at the base and snap off. What ever the nature of repair is needed we can fix your fence. We service North Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Richardson, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Metal Fence Repair

Fencing comes in two basic materials, wood or metal. We can easily replace rotten wood but more effort is required to repair a metal fence. Metal fence may come in many forms and metals. Aluminum, Steel, and Iron are all used in metal fencing and all require specific skills to fix them. The most common metal used to build fences today is steel, then aluminum, and less common is actual wrought iron. When someone speaks of wrought iron today what they are actually describing is ornamental steel fencing. Steel fencing is usually galvanized and powder coated and sometimes can just be painted also. Rust is the enemy of iron and steel fencing and need to be protected from moisture. When iron or steel begins to rust it can eat away to the point where repairs are needed. The typical approach is to cut out the rusted section(s) of fence then weld, grind, galvanize, and paint to complete the repairs. In the case of aluminum it is a little more maintenance free but it is not as strong and requires a different welding process. Tree limbs, cars, and people are usually the enemy of an aluminum fence. The steps to repair an aluminum fence are pretty much the same except galvanizing is not needed.

Gate Repair

Gates can be constructed of either wood or metal, but metal gates seem to be the prominent choice outside of a standard privacy fence walk through gate. Metal frames, brackets or cable systems are often used to strengthen wood gates so that they do not sag. The most common problem with gates are alignment issues from a change in position from the initial installation of the gate. On your basic swing gate sagging is a major issue and is usually caused by weak hinges, leaning post, or in movement in the gate frame itself. One other condition not mentioned is also common and that is soil conditions. Soil if it is too wet or too dry can expand, contract or become so soft as in the case of the rainy season allow even concrete anchored post to move. Give us a call and we will look at your gate and fence to determine what issue you are having and we will make the necessary repairs as needed. It is noteworthy to mention that we can also repair and reprogram fence operators and security systems.
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