Fence Installation

We Install Fencing in Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Richardson & North Dallas

Wood Fence Installation

We install pre-fab fencing but prefer to construct fencing from scratch. We find that the pre-built fencing panels found at your local Lowes® or Home Depot® to be lacking in strength and engineering and can be more expensive if you are not installing it yourself. We also install component fencing products such as chain link or ornamental fence panels. Some of the more commercial or kit type fencing products can be a little confusing for the typical DIY weekend hobbyist. So, if you have purchased a fence kit, raw material, and have had problems or changed your mind please call us and we can finish your fencing project for you. We will install your new fence in our service areas of Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Richardson, North Dallas, and other nearby communities.

Commercial Fence Installation

Not all fencing is installed at someones home. A large amount of fencing in the Plano/Frisco/Allen/McKinney area are commericial fencing applications. As a fence company that serves North Dallas, Richardson, Addison and the above mentioned areas we can install any commercial fencing you may need. Commercial fencing will typically be a metal fence such as chain link, ornamental steel, wire mesh fencing, steel panel fencing, and even concrete panel fencing. We can install the fencing, gates, and operators for access controlled areas. Please take the time to give us a call and we will work out an estimate on your fence installation project.

Gate Installation

Virtually every fence whether it be a commercial or residential fence will most likely have at least one gate installed. Gates can be as simple as a single swing chain link gate and simple latch to a complicated computer controlled access gate with keypad or cardkey access. We can install wood gates, ornamental iron gates, or access controlled sliding chain link gates as seen at many commercial facilities all over the DFW Metroplex.
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