Cutting Concrete

Concrete Cutting & Sawing in Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Richardson, and North Dallas

Hand-held Concrete Sawing

If you have a small job or an area of concrete, asphalt, brick, or other hard surface that needs be cut through in a tight area then our hand-held saw-cut grooving and cutting will be of interest to you. We can gut grooves as fracture lines or cut through for expansion or other reasons. As an example we often cut curbs out for driveways and more.

Road and Slab Sawing

We offer flat sawing services to cut horizontal flat concrete surfaces such as floors, driveways, sidewalks, patios, and pavement. Slab saws feature a diamond blade that is mounted on a walk-behind machine that requires only one operator. Generally most slabs are 8″ or less, however we have the ability to cut deeper with larger equipment. We can use large concrete flat saws that cut as deep as 33 inches. If you need a part of a patio cut out we can do it. If you need a large slab cut into blocks so an excavator, skid steer, or tractor can haul them off we can do that also.

Saw, Break, and Replace

There are times when a section of concrete needs to be removed and then re-poured and finished. We can cut precise areas in your slab and the use a jack hammer to break up and remove the existing concrete. We can either make clean cuts and insert expansion joints or rough cut so the new concrete poured can cure to the existing slab. Rough cutting leaves rough edges through the bottom 2/3 of the cut to adhere to. The top 1/3 is cut clean with saw. When all the broken and unwanted concrete is cut, smashed, and hauled off we can then at that point reform the area and pour a new concrete slab.
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