Concrete Sidewalks

Sidewalk Construction in Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Richardson and North Dallas Texas

Quality Sidewalk Construction

Proper project planing and management are key to any construction project no matter what the scale and scope of work. When it comes to something as small as a walkway or sidewalk project planning and management is still just as important. It is the planning and management that gets the form built on time and in the correct way. It is management that deploys the right number of people with the correct skill-set so the job is done right with no issues. Let’s not forget it is also true that it is the skill and sweat of brow from our workforce that gets the job done. Xpert Exteriors has great project planing and project management. We have also recognized the skill of our workers and encourage on going learning and development of skills from everyone in our organization. It is with this mindset that you can rest assured that we will not take short-cuts and make sure that the project is completed to the best standards in quality.

Proper Construction

When constructed properly a concrete sidewalk can last decades. Experience makes a difference, knowing when to pour a slab and not to is as important as the actual pour itself. Temperatures should not be too cold and not too hot. The moisture in the concrete should never freeze and should never evaporate away not allowing the concrete to cure completely. To prevent cracking and differential settlement the sub-grade should be compacted well and uniformly. A a granular sub-base should also be used in poor soil conditions to compensate for sub-grade defects. If you need the most out of your construction dollars hire Xpert Exteriors so that you get the optimum longevity out of materials that go into your project. Skill and knowledge sets us apart.

Surface Finish of Sidewalk

Leveling The Poured Concrete Sidewalk Finishing concrete can be a simple or detailed stage in your concrete sidewalk project. The first stage of giving your poured sidewalk a finish is to use a long handled called a bull float to flatten the pour. While using the bull float aggregate is pushed lower into the pour and a smoother consistency concrete to the surface to prepare for the next part in this stage in finishing the concrete. After using the bull float to get an even more refined leveling of the surface we may use a Darby or smaller bull float to refine the leveling a little more. Once the main surface area has been smoothed and leveled it is time to define the edges with an edging tool and cut in some control joints. After letting the surface dry a little and letting any bleed water evaporate it’s time to move on to the next part. Now is the time if you would like to broadcast a color/hardener to the surface of the concrete and let it begin to cure at which time you would apply texture or advanced finishing techniques. Applying a textured finish to the sidewalk As a final step we would use a hand float to give a final float to submerge any aggregate and bring the “creme” to the top. We would then finish with a trowel finish or broom finish to reduce the chance of slip and fall accidents of a smooth concrete surface. Cover and Let cure
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