Concrete Repair

North Texas Concrete Repair

Raising Sunken Concrete

Poor soil conditions can cause a slab or foundation to sink into the soil. When building a facility on a property a soil analysis should be done, armed with the information from the soil analysis a properly engineered foundation can be designed and constructed. It is when a proper foundation is not constructed or improper drainage is no installed that subsidance or uplift can occur. Many times smaller slabs are built without a soil analysis and the contractor will just pour a slab not knowing that there may be a problem with the soil. We can can use a method called slabjacking to pump grout into the voids under the concrete to lift up smaller slabs. Hydraulic jacking may be required to lift larger slabs and foundations.

Concrete Surface Repairs

The first step as with any problem is to define the source of the problem and start from there. Many surface problems are due to freeze-thaw issues, improperly mixed concrete, or concrete that was installed in adverse weather conditions. Many surface concrete issues are cosmetic in nature such as aggregate popouts, corroded reinforcing bars, chalking or very minor flakes or chips. Cutting expansion joints and an overlay will fix many issues. However more serious issues may require cutting out sections of concrete and re-pouring the section. Cracks and sunken concrete are often the signs of a poorly prepared compacted foundation for the concrete slab, driveway, sidewalk, or etc.

Repairing Cracked Concrete

Cracks in concrete can range from insignificant to a structural problem that needs to be repaired immediately. You may have noticed minor cracks in your sidewalk, driveway, or even concrete patios. All of these areas are not of great importance but should be repaired. Minor concrete cracks at your home or business in Allen, Frisco, McKinney or any other town in the North Texas area should be repaired at your earliest convenience. Larger and more significant cracks need to be analyzed and the root cause be determined. Once the root cause of the cracking concrete has been found a plan of repair needs to be developed and implemented. Cracking foundations could be an indication of a poorly constructed soil base or even clogged gutters. It is very important that you have a concrete foundation professional to look at your foundation and determine how to proceed. Xpert Exteriors can consult with you to find the cause, develop a resolution plan, and repair your concrete slabs, driveways, sidewalks, walls, and even foundation.
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