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Arbors Within A Fence

Arbors can be placed in many places but we find that people like to have an integrated fence and arbor that serves a number of needs. When built into the fence it can serve as a border, a structural element, privacy, and security. The best benefit is the beauty and and architectural detail it brings to your property. Once flowering vines, and other climbing plants become established the arbor and fence will seem quite stately.

Garden Bench And Arbor

Using a bench and arbor configuration the arbor can be a fantastic way to deserve seating niches throughout your garden. A garden arbor and bench does not take up that much space but can really add to the beauty and functionality of your garden or back yard. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your wants and needs and we can determine cost associated with your plans and give you a free estimate.

Classic Garden Arbors

Classic garden arbors can be found through the landscape an d garden. The are built using a lattice work of timbers and smaller lumber as rafters or purlings. Plants are encouraged to grow up on to and climb all over the structure. Plants that grow on an arbor can often be less likely to contract disease because they are not laying of the ground directly.
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